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INFOCOM Business
INFOCOM is the synergy of information and communication services brought about by the digitalization of convergence. In the fast moving and competitive knowledge era, Infocom is not only a driver of growth but also competitiveness. Reliance Infocom is revolutionizing telecommunication in India by providing services that match leading operators of the most developed countries. These services are the outcome of state-of-the-art network technologies that have been inducted in the Reliance Infocom network and a 24x7x365 domestic call centre to provide customer service. Reliance Infocom envisions a digital revolution that will sweep the country and bring about a New Way of Life. A digital way of life for a New India. With mobile devices, net ways and broadband systems linked to powerful digital networks, Reliance Infocom will usher fundamental changes in the social and economic landscape of India and above all will pave the way to make India a global leader in the knowledge age.

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